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Pizza Girl Huffing & Puffing- One Wk Down at the Gym 2/23/19

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Welp. For a solid week I have been eating clean and healthy, consuming so much protein that it’s unreal. I have met with Becca twice. I’ve been busting my butt on the treadmill, the free weights and the machines. I have squatted, I have pulled myself up, I have planked, I have used my body weight as resistance. I have done every workout I am supposed to do. I have stumbled into the sauna and sat there glad the hour of putting my body through battle is over. I had one day off, with which I found myself not knowing what to do with my time.

I came in on Saturday the 23rd to meet with Becca, who to my dismay told me we were getting on the Scale of Truth again. It had been 1 week and 1 day since I last learned the truth about me. I supported myself on the counter as I peeled off my socks, prepared to be disappointed. I hoped against hope that I lost maybe 1 pound. Please, 1 pound. Maybe a pound and half if I was lucky. I had worked too hard to have the scale not budge.

As I stepped up on the machine trying my best to pretend I was in a great mood and not bothered at all, I listened to Becca’s words of encouragement while the numbers zoomed through a series of blinks and flashes. It finally settled on my weight. I saw with disbelief that I was down over 5 pounds! I was flabbergasted. Not only had I lost 5 pounds, but more importantly, I had GAINED one pound of solid muscle! Not only had I gained a pound of solid muscle, but I had reduced my body fat percentage as well! The tears sprang into my eyes and I didn’t trust my voice. Becca was enthusiastic and so happy for me, “See???” she exclaimed. “GIRL!!! You got this! Look at you! Look how amazing you’re doing!”

I think Becca has a 6th sense about stuff like this. I think Becca knew I needed to see this, because she must have seen the defeat on my face although I tried desperately to hide it when she saw me waiting for her at the top of the stairs. It was at that moment I started doing math. How old was Becca? Could I adopt her? Would her family mind living with us? I could feed everyone- I’m good at cooking. Does Becca want her eggs scrambled, over easy or hard boiled?

I believe in Becca. Becca is the Bible. Becca is the Brilliant. Becca is the Booster of Motivation! ... Becca is the Bringer Outer of the Booty Band.

My celebration of the new me is what got me through the next hour and gave me the strength I needed to do what I was told. I’m sure I’m not the prettiest face maker at the gym. I see my reflection in the mirror and the grimace that is not at all Instagram Beautiful, but I don’t care!! I think it’s beautiful, because it’s ME doing my best and reaching in from some fountain of energy inside to get through 3 sets of 15 reps of whatever Becca has up her sleeve.

Becca had me doing lunges (I truly hate these like no other exercise) and she had me doing this exercise that involved a bench and two heavy weights. At the moment, I cannot recall the name of said exercise, I'm too busy remembering the narrowness of the bench, and I wondered how I was going to fit on it. Becca seemed to have confidence in its ability to support my weight and my thickness though, as she had me lay on my back with my legs on each side. I lay there and pressed the weights up from my chest to a little meeting up in the sky. I got through this set, and as I went to sit up, I realized I was stuck. Stuck laying on the bench surrounded by young, fit men pumping iron. Becca started to walk around the bench and I was a bit mortified by the fact that my fear of falling, and my lack of core strength truly had me held captive in the supine position I was now in.

"Ummm, Becca?" I called out feebly. "I think I'm stuck." Becca laughed, thinking I was being silly and over exaggerating. "Come on Sarita- we're doing deltoid flies next!" I tried once more to raise myself, but to no avail. "Becca? I'm stuck. No, like, I'm actually stuck."🙄Becca reached out her hand and I grabbed it while she pulled me up, and we were both laughing. She wasn't laughing AT me, well, maybe a little, but it was all in good fun. I tell you this story to let you know where I'm at physically. In reality, there's no shame in this! I can laugh at myself, knowing that when my months with Becca are over, I'll be popping off that bench like it's not even a thing. She adjusted the bench to make my ascension a bit more doable for me, especially since she wouldn't be there to help me up the next day. Safety first!

Looking back, I know my first week at the gym took every single ounce of motivation and follow through that I had. It was tough. I hadn’t wanted wine up until I couldn’t have it. I hadn’t wanted grilled cheese sandwiches on sourdough as much as I did that first week. I would get up in the morning and be so sore that my only relief was a nice hot shower. I would crash at night and wake up sore from not having moved all night long. I was frustrated with the smaller servings I ate at meal times. I was used to being full, no, stuffed. Now I ate proper portions, which left me feeling like I had an itch I could only scratch by gently rubbing and not tearing into my skin with my nails. Truthfully, I was a little crabby about the whole thing. Yes, I felt better. Yes, I was seeing that I wasn’t as healthy as I thought I was. Yes, I was seeing that I had many bad habits. Yes, I was sleeping better. Yes, I felt better on the inside. All of these things are what kept me going. That, and the fact that we had invested financially in my health. When cash is on the line, it’s a great motivator. How wasteful would it be if we were paying for my gym membership, the 60 day challenge I was a part of, and Becca’s guidance only to not give it the commitment it deserved?

Surprisingly, the gym has an effect on me that I’m thankful for. I am not intimidated or jealous when I see other women who are tight and fit and walk with confidence. Seeing them gives me hope. I see how they have taken time to sculpt and mold their bodies into the best they can be. I see their journeys and I feel empowered. It gives me something to strive for. The gym is great because no one there is judging me- at least not to my face. They all seem to be on their own missions. I’m not the only overweight person there. I’m surrounded by all shapes and sizes, and the beauty of it is, when they are working out, I am doing this with them! We’re all in this together, yet, separately doing what is going to work best for our individual selves.

Becca says many important things. One thing she said that sticks out to me was, “You can still get those great feelings you were getting from food or from a glass of wine. You’re just going to get them from coming here and working out. Those endorphins will come from this place, from Sarita doing what Sarita does here at the gym.” I am willing that into reality. I hang on to that piece of information like a security blanket.

She still wanted me to take a class. I’m not sure why she wants me to, but after the results I had on the SOT (Scale of Truth), I will do it. For a while I’ve wanted to take a spinning class. I was not ready or confident enough to try it week one. I promised her I would take a class week two. In my mind, I was hoping I’d have the guts to take that spinning class. It’s scary for me for a few reasons. First, I haven’t been on a bike in years. I knew my ass would feel like I had slid down banisters with moguls on them. Second, I have seen videos of spinning class and they looked intense. Would I have the endurance and strength to do an hour of what looked like the worst cardio and leg strength I’ve ever put myself through? Third, I’m not Graceful Gloria. I’m Stumbling Sarita every now and then. Would I go flying off my bike like the girl in “I Feel Pretty”? My only glimmer of hope was that I don’t have long hair, so at least if I fell, my hair won’t get caught in the wheel of the bike. I’ll think about these things next week.

It’s good to get to know your personal trainer, just as important as it is for them to get to know YOU. I found out that Becca is 7 years younger than me. If I adopted her, I’d be the youngest mom ever. Becca has 5 children who she is bringing up to be healthy and she is setting the example for them. Becca smiles a LOT. If I was as healthy as Becca, I’d be smiling so much that people would probably cross the street if they saw me coming, because somehow I think it would be scary. No one is THAT happy. But apparently, if you’re living your best life, you might be. Becca also has gone through body transformation herself, so I believe what she says about fitness, and health, and the importance of eating properly.

I shared a bit about myself with her too. I let her know the truth about what my days leading up to the gym were consumed with. She couldn’t effectively help me and my bad habits if she didn’t know the truth. The truth is, I love to sit. I love to sit and read. I love to sit and write. I love to sit and eat. I love to sit and cuddle with my dogs. I love to sit and watch Sex and the City. I dislike manual labor. I was drinking two glasses of wine each evening. Sometimes more. I’ve eaten an entire wheel of Brie cheese in one of my sitting sessions.

On the positive side, I am extremely dedicated when I make my mind up about something. My home is clean, my dishes are done 99.9% of the time. Laundry is always done and put away. I vacuum so much that Dirt Devil should seriously consider me for a commercial. I am competitive when it comes to the things I immerse myself in. These are things that will help me at the gym. I am not competing with other people there, I’m competing with my last visit, my last body fat percentage, my last performance on the treadmill or the chin up machine.

At the end of week 1, here is what I have to say:

- You will feel drained.

- You may feel hopeless.

- You may feel alone when you’re the one in your family that has so much to lose.

- You should make a great playlist for the days you’re at the gym without your personal trainer or gym buddy.

- You should make a menu for each week, complete with healthy recipes you find on Pinterest or other healthy sources.

- You should consider LifeVantage. I’m using the 7 day cleanse and the fat burner. Read all about it here.

- You should surround yourself with people who support you. You should not feel ashamed about posting numerous times on FB about your journey. Your REAL peeps will not be annoyed with you and will give you encouragement.

- You should invest in a few good sports bras or whatever else you need.

- You should plan on getting the rest you need.

- Drink TONS of water! Your body needs it! It's essential for getting rid of toxins, helping you feel full, and helping your body regulate your temperature during this time. I have a water bottle that goes with me everywhere.

- You still need to move on your first day off, because if you don’t, your muscles will tighten up and give you even more grief.

- You should set your goals and put them where you can see them.

- You should be prepared for cravings and your body trying to convince your mind to argue your new healthy choices away. Don’t listen to those protests! Be stronger than your self-sabotaging old habits!

- Do not compare yourself with other people. Your body is YOURS and functions differently from someone else’s. This is YOUR journey and YOURS alone. It’s going to look different from your treadmill neighbor or the guy next to you pumping mad iron.

- Don’t expect anything to fit differently that first week, even when you feel like you’ve put in crazy time at the gym. This is a slow and steady progression, setting unrealistic expectations will leave you defeated, disappointed and ready to quit.

- When at the gym, will yourself to absorb the positive energy surrounding you. Everyone there can contribute to each other in this way. Give a compliment to someone you see who is killing it! (just not during one of their reps- my concentration breaks rather easily) A compliment really goes a long, long way, and could be the one thing that keeps another person going. Imagine if we all did this for each other!

- Follow people who post about their journeys on social media or maybe they are posting recipes you could try- it helps to see this in your feed, rather than political shock news that does nothing to encourage positive thoughts.

- Lastly, do this for YOU. Practice putting yourself first sometimes. If you’re a mom, you’re used to putting everyone else first. If you’re a dad, you’re used to putting everyone else first. If you’re a human, you deserve love and self-love. If you’re an alien- lucky you... please don’t abduct me before I get to see what my body is capable of when it’s at its best!

Becca and Her Back. I feel like her back deserves its own name... Bella?

Please check back, I’m in week 3, and you have to hear about my Spinning experience from week 2. You’ll laugh at me, you’ll laugh with me, and you may even cry with me.

Happy Tuesday my Friends. Thank you for supporting this awesome time in my life!

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