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Pizza Girl & Becca the Beast- Trouble in Paradise? Week 3 at the Gym 3/7/19

Today I looked at Becca and felt a little annoyed. No, I lie. Very annoyed. Could it truly be that I am seeing the cracks in our relationship? Do we need help? Do we need a third-party go-between? Let me catch you up.

If you read my last post, I was feeling pretty triumphant about my spinning class. Every other mountain looked like a mole hill compared to what I put myself through last week. My confidence level was raised quite a bit, and I was enjoying my time at the gym. I started taking pleasure in sweating, in pushing myself, in obeying Becca’s every command. Why? Because every relationship is awesome when it starts.

This week, that was about to change.

The first thing I did was join a few others in the 60 Day Challenge Group in a GTX Cut class on Tuesday night. We all met at 6pm on the Fitness Floor, and Sarah the Superwoman had us doing some serious workouts. We would do three exercises, for 1 minute each, rest 30 seconds, then repeat the cycle 3 times. We would then move on to the next round after a 1 minute rest. We did this for an hour. The most embarrassing part of the night was the planking. Sarah had us do planking for a solid minute, on our toes and elbows. Ok. This is NOT as easy as it seems. Especially if you’re doing 3 rounds of planking and you have little to no core strength. Once again, I underestimated the woman next to me who had about 15 years on me. Grandma was planking the heck out of that minute. I was not. I was shaking, and beads of sweat were falling to the mat underneath me. GTX class is no joke. When it was all over, I made my way shakily down the stairs. Walking like a toddler down the steps was becoming familiar to me. I was happy to have Wednesday off.

I was pretty excited about my meeting with Hunter that would take place on Thursday. He was going to test my metabolic rate and find out what I needed to do in order to burn the most fat when I worked out. Instructions were emailed to me regarding my 9AM test. I was not to consume any caffeine prior, no eating 4 hours before, and show up in my workout clothing. Seemed simple enough. I did stress a bit about not fueling my body first, but I was trusting the process and figured I’d eat after.

I had to wear this mask while on the treadmill, along with a heart-rate monitor. Hunter explained to me that I would start out walking, then every few minutes we would be upping my speed. I was hooked up to a machine and a computer via my mask, and it would let me know how well I was doing, or how well I wasn’t doing. From there, he would recommend cardio workouts for me that would benefit me the most. Sounded easy enough. We were getting to an uncomfortable speed, during which he explained that it was going to get more uncomfortable. I would end up running at a high speed until my legs burned or my lungs burned, and I felt I could not go on, at which point I could stop. That didn’t sound fun or fantastic, but too many visits to 5 Guys, and here we are.

I think I would have lasted longer if I hadn’t started panicking in my mask. I was sweating and the mask was feeling like a hand smothering me, and I couldn’t get enough air in my lungs and my legs were indeed burning. When I pushed the stop button on the treadmill, I patiently awaited my numbers. Hunter printed out my results and explained everything to me, and the good thing was that I burn fat pretty efficiently. The bad thing was my number that represented my recovery rate. I didn’t realize how bad that was until I met up with Becca right after.

Becca the Bouncy was all ready for me, smiling and excited to see my results. She went through the first few pages nodding and saying, “ok, ok...this is good...” then she saw the number on about page 4. Immediately she furrowed her brow, pointed accusingly at the number and said loudly, “THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I almost jumped. I’d never heard her use her outdoor voice in a manner that didn’t seem very... “pleased.” She quickly smiled and said, “OK! Now I know what we need to do to change that! That number will get you in trouble, and we need you healthy.” She smiled sweetly and I stood there with a smile frozen on my face and fear in my heart. I obediently, if not sheepishly, followed her to the fitness floor. Here we go.

Right off the bat, she started working on that recovery rate. She grabbed a round heavy bean bag type thing and made me push it across the floor and back, my ass in the air as I ran bear walk style. When I finished that, I immediately was told to go into 20 jumping jacks. I despise jumping jacks. I’m even afraid to say that here in case Becca the Blessed sees this and makes me keep doing them until I like them. I hate this. I hate it. I got to rest for a few seconds, then I did it again. And then again.

I was not smiling. Becca then had me lay on a mat on the fitness floor. I was happy for the rest until she had me start doing leg raises, and when I’d get them up in the air, she’d push them down. What the heck! I literally got annoyed again because my thought was, “Hey! Don’t do that! Knock it off!” Yet there we were, me doing my leg raises and Becca pushing them down. At this point I just escaped my mind and tried to just focus on getting through the sets because then it would be over.

You can SEE the smile on Becca's face, and the grimace on mine.😂

One thing about Becca that made me realize that counseling was not necessarily in our future- is that it's impossible to stay annoyed at Becca. If you saw her smile, you would agree. I KNOW she truly wants what’s best for my body, and so I decided to let go of my rebellious mind frame and just cooperate.

Since I started seeing Becca the Beast, I have started to Google things like:

- How long will my backside hurt?

- Is there life after a workout?

- When will my body stop hurting?

- Am I in actual shock?

- Can you pick up energy from fit people and make it your own?

- Is turkey bacon actually bacon?

- Is Becca from Lifetime Fitness human?

More importantly, since I’ve started seeing Becca the Beautiful, I’ve started noticing things like:

- The gym is slowly becoming my safe place, my ME place.

- I have to accept that this is my new lifestyle, it’s hard at first and not always fun.

- I’m not typically a joiner but lately I’ve become a joining fool.

- I’m vulnerable, and that’s ok.

- I’m no longer battling my body, I’m battling FOR my body.

- I’m getting used to the smaller portions I’ve been eating, and I am feeling full when I’m done.

- Is it just me, or does my zip up sweatshirt fit better?

- I’ve lost a total of 9 pounds.

So, in the end, I’m not ready to give up on my relationship with Becca the Beast. I adore her, and I am thankful for the fact that she has not given up on me. I’m thankful for her every push, her every encouraging word. I’m even thankful for the times she has made me do things I’ve not really enjoyed, because she cares about my goals. I’m lucky to have her by my side.

Friends, I’ll be back next week with more of my journey. Have a fantastic weekend, and remember- it’s never too late to become a healthier you!

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