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Welcome to the Podcast! This is a new venture for myself and my BFF Kristen, and we're both honored and super excited to bring our Podcast to your car, your living room, your workspace, your home, your workout.  Feel free to comment and/or subscribe!  We also welcome your suggestions for topics and guest interviews!  Maybe you have a unique story to share, maybe you would like to hear more about a topic that isn't getting much attention- whatever the case may be, let us know and we'll do our best to include or feature your ideas! 


Thank you for considering!  This is an independent podcast and we would very much appreciate your support! 

If you are enjoying our podcast, and would like to donate, it would be accepted with much humble thanks!  


It's really easy to give a recurring monthly donation using Patreon!  (You can cancel at any time, so there's no REAL commitment!) 


There are three tiers which make it easy to choose your level of comfort!  You can even make a one-time donation if you like! Of course, if you're not able to support in that way, or it's just not your thing, please continue to support our Podcast by sharing, sharing and sharing!! 

We love to laugh at life, but it's best when we've got people that are on this journey with us! 

Thank you so much!

~Sarita & Kristen