Especially for Women!

Sometimes there are topics just for us ladies.  However, I'm not discouraging men from reading these!  In fact, you may learn a lot about things you just never wanted to have to ask about.  We're going to get pretty real here, so consider yourselves warned! Grab some wine, tea, or maybe it's been a vodka tonic kind of day- whatever is your thing, let's discuss!

About Me

There are some people that see me as a loyal friend.  An acquaintance. A mother. A stranger.  A partner. A bestie.  A follow or a like.  An artist.  A daughter.  A black sheep.  An individual.  I am all of these things... But mostly, I'm a human living out her dreams, trying to inspire & be inspired.  The world is a beautiful place.  Discover it with me! 

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