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​Sarita Christine was born in Odessa, Texas, but has lived most of her life in Minnesota.  Her love of writing started at an early age, as she realized a whole other world where she could dream, share her ideas & express her thoughts with whomever she chose. That love of writing continued on into adult life, & her dream of becoming a professional writer is literally at her fingertips. Until recently, Sarita has been busy raising her 3 children & working full time, but is now able to blog & write freely. She resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her partner, their teenage daughter Brianna, & their furbabies. Feel free to leave feedback or contact for any questions!

Welcome, & enjoy! 

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About Me

There are some people that see me as a loyal friend.  An acquaintance. A mother. A stranger.  A partner. A bestie.  A follow or a like.  An artist.  A daughter.  A black sheep.  An individual.  I am all of these things... But mostly, I'm a human living out her dreams, trying to inspire & be inspired.  The world is a beautiful place.  Discover it with me! 

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